2010 - The Year


St Thomas More's

Golden Jubilee



Fr David Ranson

Preparations for the Golden Jubilee of the Parish are underway.  We will start on the first weekend of Lent in 2010.


Fr David Ranson will be in the parish to lead us in discovering the scriptural basis of Jubilee.  He will start on Friday 19 February, continue on Saturday 20 February, preside at the Eucharist on Saturday evening, continue on Sunday 21, ending at noon with a shared meal.  This will be our major ‘Faith Education’ experience for 2010.


Fr. David Ranson is a priest of the Diocese of Broken Bay, and a senior lecturer in the Sydney College of Divinity, teaching in Spirituality at the Catholic Institute of Sydney where he is also Academic Secretary.  For many years he was a member of the Cistercian Order at Tarrawarra Abbey, Yarra Glen, Victoria where he was ordained in 1992.  David is regularly invited to speak on issues of contemporary spirituality and pastoral formation throughout Australia and New Zealand .  David is involved in a number of pastoral committees within the Diocese of Broken Bay, and with the Sydney College of Divinity.  He is a member of the International Promotions Committee for the Society of the Study of Christian Spirituality.  He holds a Master of Theology Honours degree from the Melbourne College of Divinity and is currently completing doctoral studies at Australian Catholic University .  David has written numerous articles on spirituality and pastoral formation in both Australia and Ireland .  He is the author of Across the Great Divide – Bridging Spirituality and Religion Today (St. Pauls Publications 2002), Living in the Holy Spirit:  Elements of Catholic Spirituality (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, 2008) and The Paschal Paradox: A meditation on the contemporary challenge of priestly life (St. Pauls Publications, 2009).


He has, in recent years, worked in the theme of Jubilee and is ‘delighted’ (his word) to come to St Thomas More’s to share his insights.







Fr David Ranson



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