Scholars, Saints,
Controversies and Councils


From the time after the apostles to the fifth century we will take a journey with the early Church as it moves from a small threatened Jewish sect to the official faith of an empire.


In its infancy the Church struggled with the fundamental questions that were to define Christianity for all time:

“Who was Jesus the Christ?”

“What was his relationship to the Father and the Spirit?”

“What is the Church?”

“How is it governed?”


Debates raged and not all were carried out in an atmosphere of Christian Charity!  While the Church struggled with the fundamental questions of its identity the world outside looked on often not comprehending what all the fuss was about.  Sometimes there was fear of this new movement and sometimes it was a convenient scapegoat for corrupt and incompetent rulers to distract the populace.


Over five weeks of Lent we will journey through some of the most exciting and interesting times in the history of the Church.  We will meet heroes and enemies of the faith, saints, scholars and heretics and will begin the search for the very core of our faith.


As we walk the winding paths of those earlier times we will also see that the journey of discovery begun then still goes on today as we are invited to take up the challenge and add to our understanding so that the next generation will have a little more understanding of the mystery of our God.


Presenter:    Peter Schultz

Venue:          St Thomas More’s Parish, 71a Ramsay Street,Toowoomba

Time:             7.00pm to 9.00pm

Dates:           Wednesdays 4, 11, 18 and 25 March and 1st April


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